offer your clients proactive business advisory services


Help your clients with their businesses and increase your revenue stream.

Add business advisory services to your portfolio to help new and existing clients proactively increase business market value and profit, reduce market risks and make it easier to manage their businesses.

You'll work with your clients every step of the way to develop the people, processes and strategies necessary to take their business where they want it to go.

Using the proven Wardell tools and methodologies, you'll help your clients define the right path, build smart systems, and take meaningful steps to achieve:


Build a strong foundation, clearly define
objectives, and streamline systems for
maximum performance.


Improve business development, boost efficiencies, and increase profits.


Increase clients' free time outside of work by
making their business more self-reliant.


Improve visibility, accountability and integration in every area of your clients' business to maximize their value and ensure a smooth transition when it comes time to exit their business.

how it works

The advisory program works as follows:

Training & tools

A. 36 20-minute videos educating the licensee on the Wardell Program

B. Electronic versions of all 7 books (Leadership, Management (2), Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Sales)

C. Online testing for each of the books

D. 2-Day, in-person training consisting of:

  • Marketing and sales training of the Wardell Program
  • Delivery and advisory training of the Wardell Program
  • Wardell software platform training (Harold)
  • One-on-one time with Mark Wardell for Q&A.

E. Receive the online Wardell Business Diagnostic Tool for use in Marketing and Lead Generation

F. Receive the Wardell Online Business Evaluation Tool to measure growth in business value as you move through the program

ongoing licensing

A. 1 meeting per month to address any questions you may have.

B. 5 emails per month to address urgent questions you may have, which will be responded to within 24 hours.

C. Access to Harold for up to 10 clients (additional monthly charges will apply for more than 10 Harold clients).

Circle Graphics

“Wardell has helped me systemize my business so I can travel with my family often and live the life I’ve always dreamed of.”

— Brad Haima, Founder, Circle Graphics

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