What should managers do?

A manager by definition is “a person who supports, activates, and is responsible for the work of others.” (Management 2nd edition 2011, Schermerhorn and Wright)

This definition is repeated in various forms with the same connotation in management textbooks across North America.

Kathman-what can I do?? News direct from Nepal.

One of our long time clients, Paul Hiebert, from Mainland Machinery was in Nepal when the earthquake hit.

Read his first hand account here and how we all can help.



I was approached at a networking event by someone who wanted advice.  He asked questions and even had a hard copy of a document to show me.

This was an excellent approach.  He didn’t try to sell me anything.  He didn’t try to push anything.  He was looking for advice which I gladly gave and made some connections for him.

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