Mark Wardell's Top 10 Tips for Increasing Your Sales

1. Up-sell to your customers

For starters, they already know and trust you, plus they have demonstrated a willingness to buy.  So if they are given the option of a volume discount, for example, they just might jump at the opportunity to buy more.

2. Cross-sell to your customers

People appreciate convenience and choice.  Be sure to provide both by making additional products or services available that complement and enhance your customers’ buying experience.  For example, if a customer buys a product from you that requires batteries, be sure to offer him batteries at the time of purchase.  Otherwise he’s likely to be frustrated when he gets home and discovers that he needs to head back out to get some batteries… possibly from someone else’s business..

Letting Go for Several Easy Steps!?

The Globe and Mail ran a great story all about entrepreneurs reaching the point in their business when growth and success forces decisions.

How much can the entrepreneur continue to do on his/her own?

If I am going to bring in help, how do I decide who or even which areas in my business I should begin with?

Can working with a Business Advisor help these transitions without having to fully commit payroll to a specific area?

See what the experts say including Werner Knittel who works with Wardell.

Click here for the article.

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There are many places and organizations that can help.

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A shout out to all entrepreneurs helping to make Canada and the world a better business success at a time!

Mark Wardell's Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Business

1. Over deliver, but don't over promise

Most companies do just the opposite.  They want the sale so they promise their customers the moon but then they fall just a little short. They might have provided exceptional customer service, but excellent service loses its luster if it falls short of the promise.  In fact, it’s worse than not promising at all. The bottom line is that you must organize your business so that you always exceed, but absolutely never fall short of a promise to a customer.

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