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At the top of the Value Pyramid is Culture, characterized by a strong team dedicated to continuous improvement. Not only are there systems in place, but employees have the autonomy to improve on them. At the end of each day, the business is in some way better than it was at the start.

Culture in a business takes many forms, but above all, it is the behaviors that characterize an organization. These behaviors, driven by shared values and goals, must be present beyond the business owner. Ultimately, if the owner is the only driver of culture, the impact will be diluted as the organization grows.

Much like how learning a new skill requires ongoing effort and dedication, a culture of continuous improvement is constantly shaped and reshaped by the ongoing practices of an organization. In order to capitalize on the value created by your organization’s culture, you must be able to build upon its organizational design to establish continuous improvement practices.

With your Wardell advisor, you will work to maximize the value created by your organizational culture by:

  • Identifying influences of corporate culture already present in the business, such as environment, language and stories
  • Establishing training and a development mindset
  • Understanding the impact of culture on organizational and operational performance
  • Instilling measures of individual performance

Building a culture of continuous improvement accelerates learning and deepens your competitive advantage, ultimately accelerating your businesses’ capacity to generate value at all levels of the Value Pyramid.

At Wardell International, we’ve helped thousands of business owners like you address similar challenges. Our advisors come from a wide range of backgrounds in business ownership and leadership and are here to help you grow and capitalize on your organization’s culture.


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