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Before a business sees the light of day, a product or service must exist to serve the needs of a customer. If your business’ value is made primarily of your product or service offering, you must be able to identify product/market fit to maximize the value driven.

When you have product/market fit, you win more customers because you solve their needs better than the competition. When you don’t, you experience high customer turnover, low willingness to pay for your product or service, and flat or declining market share.

Wardell Advisors work with you and your business to maximize on the value driven by products by:

  • Clarifying your target market and your ideal customer

  • Documenting customer needs by market segments

  • Identifying opportunities to address unmet customer needs

  • Creating a product or service roadmap outlining how your organization will pursue these opportunities

  • Positioning your products and services to your ideal customer

Your ability to increase value realized from your offer depends on how well your business adapts to evolving customer needs; finding product/market fit gives you a place to start.

At Wardell International, we’ve helped thousands of business owners overcome these challenges. Our advisors come from a wide range of business leadership backgrounds and are here to support you through developing your Product Drivers.


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