With an action plan in hand, the business can work to achieve its mission and realize its vision. However, it also needs employees in critical roles that can support your strategy and free you from daily operations.

As your employees take on key roles inside the organization, the ability to grow increases. How these roles are organized, defined and evaluated in your organization is crucial. When everyone recognizes the role they play in your organization’s strategy, their individual assets can be utilized to maximize their impact on your business. Employees know the direction in which they’re pulling the proverbial rope, and how they can contribute to both the daily operations and the larger strategic goals of the company.

A well-built organizational structure provides clarity to your employees and forms the basis for alignment. Wardell Advisors work with you and your business to maximize your value driven by Organizational Alignment by:

  • Delegating operational responsibilities to existing employees

  • Establishing relationships within your organization

  • Filling positions in your organizational structure to execute on strategy and key systems

  • Getting key employees on board to execute the action plan

  • Designating key performance indicators and personnel

Addressing the design of your business is necessary not only to create alignment between individuals, but also to increase the goodwill value of your business created by its people.

At Wardell International, we’ve helped thousands of business owners like you address similar challenges. Our advisors come from a wide range of backgrounds in business ownership and leadership and are here to help you and your business’ organizational health.


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