As a small business owner, you encounter many obstacles on your path to success. You make tough decisions along the way and they only get harder when you have no one to turn to.

Wardell International is here so you don't have to go at it alone. We take the journey with you to address the challenges of growing your business and increasing its value. Our Advisors become your trusted partner to help you navigate these challenges and carve a path for success.

We use our proprietary framework, the Wardell Value Pyramid, to evaluate the health of your business across five drivers of value.












Product Drivers: Win more customers with Product/Market Fit
To win more customers, you need to understand and serve their needs better than the competition.

With your Wardell advisor, you'll identify your ideal customer and their needs, find new opportunities to address their unmet needs, and position your offer as the ideal solution.

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Leadership Drivers: Develop a winning strategy with Focused Leadership
To grow beyond your offer, you need to understand your role as a value driver. If you wear too many hats in your business, you'll spend more time working in the business than investing time on growing it. When you’re free to think critically and strategically about the future of the business, you’re free to engage in focused leadership.

You'll work with your advisor to establish direction, define your competitive advantage, and design an action plan with measurable outcomes.

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People Drivers: Empower your team with Organizational Alignment

To realize your vision and work towards your mission, your business needs the right people for both strategic and functional activities. When everyone knows the role they play, their individual impact can be capitalized on.

You and your advisor will work together to understand the relationships within your organization, create your organizational structure and identify the key individuals you need to bring your action plan to life.

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Systems Drivers: Improve Operational Performance with Systemization
To support your employees and capitalize on processes in your business, you need the systems in place to drive operational performance. With systems, the efficiency of your business increases, resulting in increased performance.

With your advisor, you'll identify the systems your business needs, document the processes for accessibility and establish the methods to measure performance.

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Culture Drivers: Accelerate growth with Continuous Improvement
To establish a mindset of continuous improvement and maximize the value of your business, you need to understand culture in your business and where it comes from. If you are the major culture carrier in your organization, the impact will be diluted as your business grows and adds more people.

You'll work with your advisor to pinpoint influences on culture in your organization, establish continuous improvement practices, and install performance measurement accordingly.

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Your business’ potential for growth increases as your position at each level of the Value Pyramid strengthens. To do this, you must be able to build on your drivers of growth.

The stronger your drivers, the higher the goodwill value of the business. This value is maximized when the organization’s Culture Drivers are developed, establishing a self-sustaining, healthy business that is focused on continuous improvement. When you work with Wardell, we partner with you to strengthen your value drivers at every level.

Working with Wardell is as Simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. You'll meet your Wardell Advisor. With backgrounds in business ownership and senior leadership, we know what it's like to run your own business, but also what it takes to grow. Your Wardell Advisor will be your sounding board, your guide and your coach, but above all, your partner in growing your business.
  2. You'll start with a Needs Analysis exercise. This gives us a complete overview of where your business is currently at, and where you want to take it. You'll be asked questions about your key functional areas, like sales and marketing, finance, operations and management. We'll also look over your existing organizational reports, like your financial statements and organizational chart.
  3. We’ll review your Needs Analysis and your existing organizational reports to identify current weaknesses in your business’ drivers. We’ll then work with you to chart a course for strengthening these value drivers across every level of the Value Pyramid.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you achieve the business growth you’ve always wanted.


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