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Your business comes to life when you serve the needs of a customer better than your competition (see Product/Market Fit). At its inception, though, your business is like a child, dependent on its parents for everything. The goodwill value, or the intangible value over and above the value of the assets, is tied directly to you. Ironically, the reason the company exists — you — becomes the biggest constraint to growth.

When you occupy several key roles in the business, you spend time working in the daily operations of the business and are unable to invest time on growing it. However, when you’re liberated from the shackles of daily operations, you’re free to think more critically and strategically about the future of the business and to engage in Focused Leadership.

A business with Focused Leadership has a narrow set of objectives, structured to deliver maximum value to its customers through the coordinated effort of its limited resources. As a business leader, practicing Focused Leadership means you will define where you will compete (direction) and how you will win (strategy).

Focused Leadership sets the stage for driving value at all levels on the Value Pyramid. Wardell Advisors work with you and your business to maximize the value driven by Focused Leadership by:

  • Strategically delegating operational responsibilities to existing employees

  • Establishing direction - “where your business will compete” - with a Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Defining “how your business will win” with strategy

  • Leveraging your core competency as a competitive advantage in your strategy

  • Identifying the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to execute on your strategy

  • Focusing the organization on the strategy through a coordinated action plan with measurable outcomes

  • Getting key employees on board to execute the action plan

By establishing where you will compete and how you will win, and focusing the entire organization on a coordinated action plan, you are taking the most important steps to strengthen your business’ direction and drive value.

At Wardell International, we’ve helped thousands of business owners like you address similar leadership challenges with proven results. Our advisors come from a wide range of business leadership backgrounds and are here to take the ownership journey with you.

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