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With Systemization

When your organization relies on select employees, it only takes one departure and the business can regress to being dependent on you as the owner. For example, if your sales manager departs, you may need to take on their responsibilities because no one else may know the sales process as well as you do.

However, you can enable and empower others in your organization to step up when a departure occurs by improving the systems inside your business. With systems, the skills, knowledge and competencies are unlocked from key employees (including you, the owner) and captured in the processes and structures that drive operational performance. These resources are now accessible to anyone in the business that needs them.

The business’ capacity for growth increases as more resources are freed to work towards the long-term strategic objectives. With developed systems, the business can “run itself,” increasing the goodwill value.

Wardell Advisors work with you and your business to increase the value created by Systemization by:

  • Identifying the systems in your key business areas and supply chain that deliver value to your customers and advance your overall strategy

  • Documenting these systems in your business manuals and position outlines

  • Managing the most common challenges that arise during the systems implementation

  • Measuring the performance of your systems with departmental KPIs

  • Measuring the performance of your organization with financial metrics

With the collective skills, knowledge, and competencies captured in your systems, and a way to measure the performance of those systems, your business can maximize the value created by processes.

At Wardell International, we’ve helped thousands of business owners like you address similar challenges. Our advisors come from a wide range of backgrounds in business ownership and leadership and are here to support you and your business in systemization.


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