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When a business is small, it is often easier to maintain a high level of quality and consistency.  If a problem occurs, people can work together to resolve it before it becomes a significant issue for the customer.

But often as a business grows, it becomes more complex.  This complexity typically involves more people, more resources, and more challenges, making it increasingly difficult for everyone to maintain high standards and resolve issues quickly.

This puts stress on the business, creating an unhealthy work environment, and inhibiting growth.

But there is a solution.

your business

To scale your business, it must first be systemized.  This is the process of transforming it into a self-sustaining organization that operates in a consistent and predictable manner, whether you (the owner) are there or not.

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The value pyramid

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The Value Pyramid is a framework for systemizing any business.  It defines the four stages in maturity that a business must move through to become fully self-sustainable, and consequently, highly scalable.

Level One – Owner Driven
This is where all businesses begin. At this stage the business is still highly dependent on the owner. Scalability is nearly impossible because growth is limited by the owner’s individual capacity.

Level Two – People Driven
As a business matures, it takes on key people who fill major roles. Scalability increases as the business becomes less reliant on the owner, but is still at risk, should any of these people leave unexpectedly.

Level Three – Systems Driven

At this stage, policies, procedures, and metrics provide a framework to ensure core operations remain consistent. Scalability is significantly enhanced because the negative impacts of growth are now effectively managed.

Level Four – Culture Driven
Ultimate scalability is achieved when a business has a strong team of people dedicated to continuous improvement. At this stage, the business is systemized, but employees are now empowered to continuously improve those systems.

The Value Pyramid

The WARDELL SYSTEMIZATION PROGRAM is designed to take your business to the top of the Value Pyramid.

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The Wardell sysTemization Program


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Real-time advice and guidance from a fully trained and experienced Wardell Business Advisor to keep you on track with your objectives.

Proprietary and third-party technologies to help you systemize your business.

Optional support from a Wardell Business Analyst to accelerate your progress towards a systemized, scalable business.

Work on your own

The Wardell Systemization Program – over 1000 pages of content.

The ESP (Entrepreneurial Skills Program) Video Program – 36 business education videos.

Practical and useable templates to get you started on systemizing.

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