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LEADERSHIP: laying the foundation

Welcome to the Wardell business system. You have just made a decision that will change the course of your life and your business forever. Together, we are going to grow your business into a highly profitable, continuously improving, self-sustaining operation. It is going to be an exciting journey, and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help you get where you want to go.

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MANAGEMENT: the art & science of getting things done

In the previous book Leadership, you discovered the powerful effect leadership has on your business. You designed a compelling future with the power to inspire and unite all those associated with it, especially you. You built a rock solid foundation that will guide the growth of your business in a productive and organized fashion, and will ensure that it continues to hold true to its purpose.

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MARKETING: standing out from the crowd

To most people, marketing is promoting, advertising and selling. It's the ad they ran in last Saturday's newspaper, the sale they are having on old merchandise, or the clever way they handle objections in order to convince their customer to buy. But marketing is much more than just a way to make one more sale. Marketing is the vital link between business and society.

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FINANCE: manage your nest eggs

Trade is the foundation of business and money is the medium of trade. Money permits us to exchange goods and services with each other without restriction by giving "value" a life of its own. It permits a barber to trade with a bald lawyer by giving the barber something of value to offer the lawyer, other than a haircut. Money levels the playing field, permitting anyone with something of value to join in this game we call business.

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OPERATIONS: turning the gears

"Operations" is the cornerstone of business. It's the process that turns great ideas into consumable products or services. All of the services and products we enjoy as consumers come as the result of business operations. Consequentially, the connections between our daily lives and the operational activities of business are direct. For example, the ice cream we have for dessert is a direct result of business operations. The car we drive to work is a direct result of business operations. The books we read for pleasure... well, you get the idea.

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SALES: building customer relationships

All meaningful development and growth in our society comes as a result of sales. It's a bold statement to be sure, but once you understand the relationship between business and society its meaning becomes clear. Business is little more than a series of fair exchanges of value for value, and sales activities are the sparks that ignite these interactions. Sales are where the "rubber hits the road." After all, your business is little more than a good idea until a sale is made.

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