A Business and Management Lesson from the 2013 Masters

As rain pounded down for the concluding round of the Masters, a number of wonderful story lines were being watered as well.

Adam Scott wins for himself and an entire nation.

Angel Cabrera makes a spectacular shot on the 18th to force a playoff.

With clients in both Australia and Argentina we say CONGRATS to both!

Beyond the winners and almost winners, the rain became a story in itself.

The greens, always slippery and treacherous, had become a little slower but still very tricky.

One of the TV commentators stated (paraphrased), ‘the players are aware of the rain, they just haven’t adjusted to the rain’.

I actually paused my live TV, hit the 7 second rewind and listened again.

They were AWARE, but hadn’t ADJUSTED.

They knew it was raining. It was obvious. Golf towels and gloves dangling from the branches of the umbrella’s inner dome.

Rain pounding down as the players stepped out from the dry confines to take a shot.

They knew.

However, the mental connection to be able to hit a shot 10 or 20% harder did not kick in for many.

They could not get their brains to push that putt harder because they hadn’t ADJUSTED to the rain.

How many times has this happened in our businesses?

It’s raining…i.e. sales are falling, customer issues are mounting…we KNOW it’s raining.

However, we struggle to mentally adjust so we play the same shot.

Playing the same shot in different weather conditions will lead to different results!! What was successful in the sun may not work so well in the rain.

They were AWARE but hadn’t ADJUSTED.

Where are you with your business?


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