I was reminded of the importance of communication yesterday. A service technician arrived with a part to fix a different machine. The Service desk had confirmed with us the make and model – but somehow the information was lost in translation to dispatch. The technician mentioned he had been asked to return to the shop to get the part - for the wrong machine.

The time for one missed relay of information is hours, wasting time for the technician, dispatch and us.

What checks do you have in place to make sure you are not squandering your customer’s time? Are there systems for capturing and checking critical information?  Little mistakes can add up. Ensure your customer’s don’t have a reason to look elsewhere.

Five Tips for Masterful Networking

To be a masterful networker, you don’t need to attend every event in town or schmooze with ever person you meet. What you do need is a strategy.

Consider the following five steps for creating a successful networking strategy. The goal here is to connect in meaningful ways- the kind that leads to success for both your business and theirs. 

Team 1040 Radio: Business Strength Test

If you're a listener of Team 1040 radio you may have recently heard Mark Wardell offering business tips in five unique radio spots. In case you missed them you can now read and listen to each one below. You can also take the free Business Strength Test right now. 


Tip #1: Plan your day the night before

If there’s one challenge every business owner has, it’s how to fit more hours into the day. Today’s business tip is to plan each day at the end of the day rather than the morning. If you try and plan in the morning like most people do, you’ll likely be distracted by email, voicemail, employees and so forth but at the end of the day your mind is clear and free from distraction. 

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