Get Off The “Feast Or Famine” Rollercoaster

It’s one of the biggest frustrations in business.  One month you’re busier than you’ve ever been, and the next month you’re wondering how you’ll make payroll.  Why is it that so many businesses ride the “feast or famine” rollercoaster?

Most often, sales fluctuations are a result of unbalanced management. They inhibit growth because when a company is constantly being thrown from bare survival mode into utter chaos and back again there is never an opportunity to step back and consider any strategic improvements.

It’s All About Trust

What is trust?

Trust has been defined as assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of a person or an organisation. Stated in a different way trust is placing confidence in someone or something.

Why is trust important for your business or organisation?

Trust is what can propel your company to be bigger than it is.

Trust in you as the owner and leader can lead to employees taking action that goes well beyond their job description.

Work-Life Balance

Striking a balance between work and the rest of your life can be challenging. Here’s how to make this goal achievable.

“Making the most of life” is not a goal that needs much selling. Most of us would readily admit to not living completely fulfilled lives, especially those of us suffering from constant work preoccupation. Clients, staff, marketing… let’s face it, the demands on a business owner do not always foster a healthy work-life balance.

What does a balanced life really look like anyway? It’s not the status quo, that’s for sure. The average business-person spends most of his or her day in reactionary mode dealing with the day-to-day work challenges that crop up, rather than being proactive about the work they want to do. Not good. Living in reactionary mode is stressful and frustrating. It takes away an individual’s sense of purpose, and causes them to lose sight of the pursuits that energized them in the beginning.

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