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Press Release SME Advisor Education

Business Growth requires training! NYIT and Wardell partner to deliver.

Wardell International and the New York Institute of Technology have signed an agreement to deliver Vancouver’s first Executive Education, specifically for Professionals serving the SME (Small-Medium sized Enterprise) market, such as Accountants, Business Coaches, Financial Advisors and Board members.
Participants will receive an accredited business education (like a condensed MBA) in the context of an Advisor’s role.  The program is delivered in a dynamic, interactive learning environment with an emphasis on real case work, taught by seasoned business advisors, as well as special-guest lecturers.
Course materials will consist of 6 modules covering the areas of Leadership, Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Sales.  And participants will utilize ManagementDriver, an on-line Business Management Platform, to implement their work.

What should managers do?

A manager by definition is “a person who supports, activates, and is responsible for the work of others.” (Management 2nd edition 2011, Schermerhorn and Wright)

This definition is repeated in various forms with the same connotation in management textbooks across North America.

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