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Mark Wardell sharing his expertise with the International Management Graduate Program Nov 6, 2013.


My computer was not cooperating today. The system was slow and missing data. It laboured just to open a program. IT suggested a reboot. It resets everything and puts it back to normal settings.

It worked. The system was back furiously receiving emails and updates.

A vacation is a mirror of a reboot. It takes a few days to unwind, and then it happens. Your mind wanders into tranquility. Settings are restored.

Business owners often struggle with staff away. Processes are amended as everyone steps in the gap.

The true value of the reboot is immeasurable. It speeds up the system and restores the missing data

Mastering the Emotional Side of Sales

Whether you’re choosing an accountant or buying an appliance, your decision around what to buy and who to buy it from hinges on one critical emotion: trust. When it comes to sales, trust is everything. It’s the key to turning a prospect into a lifelong customer. It’s also the key to losing customers, as once the trust is gone, so is the relationship.

Here’s how you can invest some time preparing your sales team to make the best possible first impression. Systemize these principles, and your effort here will pay off dramatically.

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