Team 1040 Radio: Business Strength Test

If you're a listener of Team 1040 radio you may have recently heard Mark Wardell offering business tips in five unique radio spots. In case you missed them you can now read and listen to each one below. You can also take the free Business Strength Test right now. 


Tip #1: Plan your day the night before

If there’s one challenge every business owner has, it’s how to fit more hours into the day. Today’s business tip is to plan each day at the end of the day rather than the morning. If you try and plan in the morning like most people do, you’ll likely be distracted by email, voicemail, employees and so forth but at the end of the day your mind is clear and free from distraction. 

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Your Technical Skills are Top Notch. How about your Leadership Skills?

Continuing Education in professional service firms is often focused on the latest technical standards and best practices, but how often does continuing education improve leadership and management skills? Classic management literature such as Good to Great by Jim Collins describe how companies can create long-term sustained performance by encouraging “Level 5 Leaders”, developing complementary competencies or a culture of discipline. How does your company culture and leadership actively improve the sustained performance of your firm?

Wardell has spent the past 14 years developing the Wardell System that has helped over 3,000 businesses achieve sustained performance by becoming more structured and self-reliant. With collective decades of experience, Wardell recognizes that a culture that sustains continuing education activities develop the kind of discipline that drives long term performance. Because of this, Wardell advisors work with clients through six key business areas: Leadership, Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Sales in a sustained manner to transform businesses from owner driven to culture driven success stories.

Manage your Melons.

One of the early bosses in my career was the produce manager at the grocery store that took a chance on my bag packing abilities. His name was Insalid but I always pronounced it ‘In Salad’ as that made much more sense to my teenage mind of connecting his name to his occupation...but I digress.

A recent immigrant and new to Canadian culture, I was always impressed with how Insalid operated. He worked hard, modeled the behaviour and expected you to do the same.  Whether or not we understood every word exchanged between us, the nuance of the words was very clear.  Work hard.  Make the produce department shine and serve the customer.

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