Effective Lead Generation Part 2

Measure Your Results

Measuring your results gives you a tool that you can use to keep your business on track with your goals. If you are not measuring the results of your sales endeavors you are giving yourself a great handicap.  This is something that must be taken seriously from the top down in your organization.  Create a plan to invest in monitoring your results.  Firms with a formal strategy for evaluating the effectiveness of their marketing and business development programs are 240% more likely to say they are extremely effective against their competitors.  That’s a big deal!

Especially if your team are not used to tracking their time and their results, you may experience some push back as you start to implement the reporting process.  Make it clear to your team that the reasons behind it are for you as a manager to be a more efficient with your resources, and that it will result in your team being more focused and productive.  Do not allow apathy, resistance to change, or any other obstacle to dissuade you from measuring your activities, monitoring the results and implementing change.  Keep in mind that your metrics must be simple, tangible, objective and observable. 

Effective Lead Generation Part 1

Sales are a vital part of any business, and the lead generation team are the back room heroes of your sales force. Unfortunately, this area of most businesses sees more missed opportunities, more wasted resources, and is often more neglected than any other area in marketing and sales. The truth is that with a well run lead generation department you can build a huge competitive advantage into your company.

Your lead generation team not only has a profound effect on your sales team’s productivity and your bottom line, but also on your sales team’s job satisfaction.  Have you got great people on your sales team?  Make more money and keep your star performers longer by helping them perform better. 

What follows are 7 principles that will rejuvenate and fortify your businesses Lead Generation department.

Effective Marketing Part 2

Cont’d from Part 1

No matter what your situation, the marketing process is always the same.

You need to:

1. Determine who you are selling to.
2. Identify their needs (or wants).
3. Create a solution for those needs.
4. Let them know about it.

And then:

Make Your Case

Why should people buy from your business, instead of  any other business that sells similar products or services? What's so unique about your business?

If you don't have specific answers to these questions, or more importantly, if your customers and prospects don't have specific answers to these questions, you've got a problem. There is a solution, however, and it's called positioning.  Wardell can help you with this.

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