How to Build Trust with your Sales Prospects Part 1

Outstanding sales people become trusted allies

When your interests as a sales person are aligned with your prospects you’re looking out for their best interests. Creating a sense of trust and mutual interest is built on a foundation of respect. Successful sales people demonstrate this respect by being highly intuitive in communicating and empathizing with prospect needs. In the next two blog posts we will look at four habits that increase your effectiveness at engaging prospects and building trust:

Be aware of Cultural Context

Speak with the right language

Tailoring your speech to compliment your prospect’s level of education, literacy and understanding of technical jargon will create a sense of respect and competency

Use appropriate greetings

Knowing how to appropriately greet people from different cultures, religious beliefs or genders shows intelligence and respect.

Sell in the right environment

The right sales environment will make your prospect feel more comfortable and confident allowing you to build a strong connection.

Avoid controversial subjects

There many opinions that can often be polarizing and alienating if brought up at a time when building commonalities are important.  Minimizing sharing your beliefs on potentially sensitive subjects and be conscious of any opposition you may have to your prospect.

Maintain high standards of Personal Behavior

Be respectful of time

Time is our most precious resource. Being respectful of time means being punctual, concise and conscious of the appropriate time to engage prospects.

Dress appropriately

What you wear sends a message to everyone around you. Make sure that your clothing is consistent with the expectations your prospects have of someone they can trust.

Maintain personal hygiene

Keeping yourself clean and orderly maintains your credibility and builds respect from prospects

Stay tuned for the tips on communication

You can learn how your personal behaviour and creating a connection will further enhance your sales in How to Build Trust with your Sales Prospects Part 2

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